Online Betting for Greyhound Racing

Greyhound racing is a simple sport where a number of dogs chase a fake rabbit or hare around a circular track while players wager on who will come in first place. While players have been betting on dog races since the late 19th century, the first professional track wasn't opened until 1919, in California. Even today, it is enjoyed around the world, though it is not as popular as it once was. Online betting options have led to a bit of resurgence in the game due to the fact that it was mostly designed as a betting sport.

Basic Choices

There are multiple types of wagers a player can place on a race, whether it is done online or in a stadium. The first and most simple are the win, place, and show options. A win bet is simply that - wagering on one dog to win first place. The prices are awarded based on the dog's odds to win. A place bet is similar in that the player is wagering on one dog, but this time it is for the dog to win first or second place. It doesn't matter which place the dog ends up in, the winnings are the same. A place bet is simply wagering that the dog will end up in the top three places, and its winnings are significantly lower than the first two options.

Advanced Choices

Forecast bets in greyhound racing are more difficult in that the player is wagering on two dogs that will place first and second in the exact order that they were bet upon. The trifecta and superfecta options are similar, only the player wagers on three and four dogs to win in order, respectively. A Win-And-Place bet is fairly self-explanatory, as it places two wagers on one animal. This allows players to potentially make twice the winnings. If the dog that the player chose wins the race in 1st place, he or she gets both portions of the wager but if it places 2nd, the player only receives the Place portion of the wager.

Where to Place Wagers

There are two major options for this, depending on the player's country of origin. Many of the physical tracks run their own websites and allow players to place their wagers directly. Others use third party sites, but both options are viable. It is important to check the security of all of these websites, whether first or third party, before investing money into the site. There is nothing worse than investing a good chunk of money and winning only to find that the account has been hacked and there's nothing left.

When to Spend Money

This can be the most important thing to consider when placing wagers on greyhound racing. These races generally put evenly matched dogs together, so it can be exceedingly difficult to determine a clear winner. It is good practice to pay attention to a dog's past performances, the situation, and the weather at the track on any given day. It is possible to make money by betting on dog races, but it takes patience and determination.