Horse Racing Remains one of the Top Gambling Sports in the World

Betting on horse races goes all the way back to the ancient Greek Olympics around 640 BC. It continued to be a popular sport for gamblers during the glory days of the Roman Empire, and went on to be a treasured sporting event among the British royal and nobility. In modern times, gambling on horse races remains one of the most popular sports in the world, watched by millions of fans who wager on their favorite picks. Some of these are wildly celebrated annual events for which animal owners and jockeys strive to qualify. One of the most entertaining gambling activities, it certainly offers high levels of excitement for gamblers and spectators.

One of the World's Oldest Sports

Placing bets on horse races has always been an important aspect of the sport. Without betting, it is doubtful that this sport would enjoy the level of popularity that it has now. The sport in the U.S. dates back to around 1665 when the first American track was built on Long Island, New York. Some of the top events, and the most popular worldwide, include the Preakness, Belmont Stakes, Kentucky Derby, Melbourne Cup, Grand National and Cheltenham. The first 3 make up the Triple Crown of thoroughbred horse racing in the U.S.

Prestigious and Celebrated Horse Races

The Kentucky Derby is the first of the Triple Crown events in the U.S., and it takes place every year on the first Saturday in May at the renowned Churchill Downs in Louisville, Kentucky. The Preakness follows soon after on the third Saturday in May, and takes place at the Pimlico Race Course in Baltimore, Maryland. The last leg of the Triple Crown is Belmont Stakes. Held in Elmont, New York, the famous event is the oldest of the 3 dating back to 1867. Any animal that wins all 3 of these races in the same year is known as the Triple Crown winner. Only 11 animals in history have been honored with the title of Triple Crown winner.

Online Horse Race Betting Strategies

Fans who watch the events almost always place bets. The sport is definitely geared more toward gambling than simple spectating. When betting on horses, the length of the track is vitally important as some do better on long distances and others on sprints. The ground conditions are another important factor to consider, because some animals perform better on hard dry ground, while others turn in a stronger performance on moist, soft ground. A couple of other things that can affect the eventual outcome of the event is the timeframe since the animal's last event, and the distance it had to travel to arrive at the current event. All of these pieces of information are important tidbits that can affect the outcome of the race.

More than just a Guess

Successfully betting on horse races is more than just making a guess. It is crucial to know as much as possible about the individual animals, and their past histories in order to make an educated wager, and have a chance of winning.